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Rollling Stones´s rocked in Havana, but who’s next?

Rollling Stones´s rocked in Havana, but who’s next?


Have you ever dream watching Mick Jagger rocking all night? Well, that’s quite probably. But did you ever dreamt to see him live in the middle of Havana? Believe it or not, the epic rock and roll band did it last Friday and thousands of Cubans lived it as the concert of their life.

Jagger cried while saying: “This is amazing!” The stage was superb; exclusively design for this performance. The total cost round 7 million dollars, and many in Havana’s narrow streets are wondering who paid for it. According to different sources the Brit band paid most of it. The concert wasn’t live broadcasted in Cuban television; local press said they were asked not to, because the exclusive images will be used to make a DVD.

The massive crowd sang every lyric and lived the historic gig in Havana; the environment was so cool: people waited more than 6 hours to listen Jumpin’ Jack Flash, lying down in the ground just to not miss a good spot; young girls where mixed with old gentleman wearing classic rock t-shirts; not only locals where excited to see Mick that night, a lot of foreigners didn’t miss the unforgettable event neither. I met a Canadian couple; they were dreaming to see the Rolling Stones live performance since years. When they heard the Brits will be playing in Cuba couldn’t resist temptation and booked a holiday to the island. They said it was the perfect picture: Old Havana, gorgeous beaches and hearing Satisfaction lyrics from the one and only Mick Jagger. And they were right though!

Since they came out to the stage the music didn’t stop; not a second! Song after song they seemed to be in their early twenties; was impressive the energy of these guys trying to get the crowd connected. Richard Gere was there…also a lot of Cuban musician. David Blanco was standing few meters from me and the joy in his face couldn’t be faked in a hundred years. A small boy, I could say 5 years, was carried by his father the whole concert and shouting “Jagger!” every time he gets a bit closer in the stage. Girls, boys, younger and not so younger became best mates that night at Ciudad Deportiva (the venue stadium).

It’s been a historic concert, a unique one. I don’t know if the biggest performed by a band in Cuba, but no doubt it’s the biggest I’ve been. The huge HD television screens were magnificent, allowing everyone to enjoy the epic moment. The lighting system was just perfectly synchronized and the audio so clear that you may learn a bit of English that night!

Unique concert

Jagger was really friendly with the crowd. He said a couple of Cuban expressions as “Ustedes estan en talla” (meaning You guys rocks!) and people appreciate it a lot. Many of those shouting “Mick!” barely knew a couple of tracks, but they were so into their rock and roll music and the eclectic sound of a guitar that it didn’t actually matter; I can’t recall a crowd like that in a local concert. People felt blessed that day; and they were. There are already rumors around about bands and musicians wanting to come to Havana: names like U2, Steam and Sean Paul are the most heard. Who knows…maybe Cuba is the next Ibiza in the Caribbean. And we'll keep you posted from Havana!

Obama’s legacy in Havana

Obama’s legacy in Havana

Last few days had been quite crazy in Havana. Main streets were floated with police officers, more than a few businesses and offices just stop working, schools and universities didn’t open their doors on Monday or Tuesday. Everyone seems to be waiting for this moment since ever.


It was 88 years ago the last time an American president visited Cuba. Many years had passed since then, and the history it’s been twisted more than you can imagine. Cuba and the U.S relations were “frozen” since 1959, and Cuban people it’s being really skeptical with all the American issues in the island. Both countries have strong connections, more than sharing the same continent. I bet you’ll find hard to meet a Cuban who doesn’t has a relative living in America. The true is Cubans love the U.S., always had and I believe they will always do. More than history, politics, families and friends the Cuban people want to feel and live in the American way. 

Obama’s visit to the island proves that the American government wants to get in contact with Cuba, with its people and costumes. Is Cuba changed after Obama’s visit? Well, the answer is not that easy. Cuba still the same and people still wanting the same things than before; but it is the first time a president talk about democracy and human rights in Cuban soil. You can interpret these facts as you want; but the truth is people are a bit shocked these days.

I want to believe positive social changes will soon arrive in the Caribbean island but the main thing is that the people started believing they can actually change the country and improve their quality life.

There is no other topic on Cuban streets today; Obama and his speech are getting deep inside locals. Some friends (not Cuban friends) are asking how Cuba is reacting. Is too soon to know but I do believe, or at least want to believe, things are going to be better for us, for the real people. Obama seems to inspire Cubans, make them want to work for their country, to see Cuba bloomed. More than political speeches, I think the American president tried to make Cubans believe in their own force and the fact that we have been always a country of hope.

So, at the end, is just wait and let time speaks for itself. In the meantime, 27 degrees are waiting for you is this part of the world! We advise you to book your holidays with time so you won’t miss any important place. Contact us; we are more than pleased to help you: or through our website


Top popular tourist destinations in Cuba 2016 just released!

Top popular tourist destinations in Cuba 2016 just released!

According to latest TripAdvisor posts, the average hotel room in Cuba has raised to £80. Havana and Varadero are the most popular destinations in the Caribbean island and the best hotels in Cuba remain under Spanish management hotel brands as Melia Hotels and Iberostar.

TripAdvisor is an American travel website company and the largest travel site in the world (reaching 350 million monthly visitors, 320 million reviews and opinions covering 6.2 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions). The site, operating in 47 countries, is nowadays the first worldwide consulting reference site. According latest statistics 1 of 2 tourist searches in TripAdvisor lists before going to a holiday trip and make their choices based on the reviews and comments shown in the site.

On the 23rd of February, the travel website published the top destination and hotels in Cuba in 2016. This list will certainly influence more than a few choices of those searching for recommendations.

Top Five Most Popular Destinations in Cuba in 2016

1. Varadero: located in the western Cuban province of Matanzas, is the beach zone by excellence in the country, despite strong competition from islets in the Jardines del Rey tourist region. Over 24 kilometres of excellent beaches, closely linked to other natural attractions such as caves, virgin keys and transparent waters, are complemented by a strong infrastructure that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding vacationers.


2. Havana: the heart and Cuba’s capital city that appears to be suspended in time, where old world glamour meets Spanish colonial-era reconstruction. Is the perfect mixed between vintage American cars and the new era of refined bars, hidden artistics spots and young people tryinig to improve the mystic city.Visitors can catch a glimpse into the area’s history in the rich architecture of Old Havana, home of top places as the beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral in the Plaza de la Catedral and the authentic open-air restaurants and shops of the Plaza Vieja. Then you have Vedado town, the most chic and artistic zone of Havana where painters, musicians and recently top Cuban chefs has found their places to invigorate the city, all this just next to the Malecon, the famous Havana’s seaside promenade.

Havana cool

3. Cayo Santa Maria: The small island off the northern coast of central Cuba in Jardines del Rey archipielago, offers many resorts along the expansive and picturesque coastline. It brings the opportunity to get in touch with Cuban history and tradition; if you are one of tose with a sweet tooth then you will enjoy the Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera in Remedios town, which explains the history of local sugar production. Also The Mausoleo del Che Guevara in Santa Clara (an hour and half by bus) also draws large crowds looking to visit the final resting place of the well-known international figure of the Cuban Revolution.

Cayo Santa Maria

4. Cayo Coco: Just like Cayo Santa Maria, is an island off the north-central coast and boasts superfine white sand and shallow, clear water. Those staying in Cayo Coco can take a daytrip to Sancti Spiritus, which is home to a variety of historic landmarks, museums and parks; plus you can go and visit Trinidad town, a hidden gem of Cuba’s geography.

Cayo Coco

5. Holguin: The city of Holguin, also known as the “City of Parks,” is Cuba’s fourth largest city. Set among mountainous territory in the eastern part of the island, the scenic city offers the perfect combination of cultural attractions and comfortable resorts. The city's elegant plazas, colonial buildings and museums offer an authentic look back into Cuba’s history. Regular visitors to the area recommend booking a guided tour or hiring a car to fully experience the city and its culture.


These are the top five destinations in the island according TripAdvisor. If I could make my own list, probably Havana city would be the first place to go. It’s the heart of the country, where you’ll discover the real Cuba: the good and no so good things, but also the joy and happiness of Cuban people, the exquisite food which is been prepared these days in top private restaurant, Latin music in every corner and young talented people bringing their best; but without hesitation I would recommend all these five destinations.

All of them can be visited as part of a tailor made program, and that’s exactly what we love to do in our company San Cristobal UK! Visit us in or contact us via email