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“El Templete” restaurant, beneath a future boutique hotel in Old Havana

“El Templete” restaurant, beneath a future boutique hotel in Old Havana

A popular local saying in Cuba states: “La Habana no aguanta mas…”, this translates as “Havana cannot take it anymore…” Today, as the saying goes, it seems to be true. Every travel agency is currently struggling with availability of Havana: hotels and B&B are sold out for the next six months. The “Cuban boom” has arrived; European, Americans, Asians…all of them are filling Old Havana’s narrow streets, taking hundreds of pictures of “almendrones” (classic American old cars) and enjoying an undiscovered “socialist island”.

El Templete

Some experts claimed that Cuba has it all to attract foreign visitors: culture, history, music, weather, people, beaches, cigars and even the government. True or false, what no-one can deny is that Havana is probably one of the busiest cities of Latin America nowadays.

Local hotel companies are anxious for more rooms, but this turns out to be quite complicated though. However, new projects starting promises to relieve the current lack of availability. One of them is the opening of a new boutique hotel in the Malecon (the seaside wall), in front of the spectacular views from the harbour and just above one of the finest seafood restaurants in Havana: El Templete.  Habaguanex, the leading hotel company in Old Havana and directed by Dr. Eusebio Leal, the city historian, is executing this project. It will add approximately 25 rooms and promises to be one of the exclusive boutique hotels in Old Havana. In a small building in the core of the old city, this stylish and pleasant location will also bring you the opportunity to enjoy finest food just underneath.

Monument "El Templete"

Monument El Templete

El Templete is a nautical themed restaurant, it derives its name from its proximity (less than 100 meters) to a monument which, erected in 1828, evokes the founding of St. Christopher of Havana town in 1519. The restaurant was originally opened in 1931, when it was one of the most popular in Havana to delight a lobster course.

Blessed by the 2004 foundation celebrations, when the town turned 485 years old, this establishment reopened its doors to bring back the seafood tradition in the same atmosphere of decades ago.  Delicious fish and shellfish-based dishes prepared by Spanish chef José Carlos Castillo make up the exclusive menu in El Templete, famous for its high-quality service. The restaurant was also turned into a peculiar gallery in 2006, exhibiting art works by important Cuban artists who have joined a project devised by Basque chef Arkaitz Echarte and Cuban visual artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho).

Seafood tradition

Camarones la ajillo at El Templete

New feelings to experience in Old Havana…

Today the restaurant revives maritime traditions in a seductive environment offering delicious food, where past and present are harmoniously melted to bring us a high quality service with an unforgettable experience. 


The idea of having a new boutique hotel above “El Templete” is just making it more exciting…not only good food, but a warm and pleasant place to rest and enjoy the daybreak in front of the sea, surrounded by history and Cuban people’s warmth. You won’t want to miss such an exclusive experience…do you?