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Havana itself for photo lovers

Havana itself for photo lovers


Are you a fan of cameras and quick shots? Then Havana is a must for you. Imagine a city where colours are fused in incredible ways: old colonial facades with neo-classic architecture; kids on their uniforms wearing Cuban flag shades; the always-blue skyline matching the seafront in Malecon Avenue, Havana’s famous promenade. Do not wait any longer to experience it and go for it.

Cuba is a very particular piece of land. A spicy and nostalgic blend of culture, history, politics, dreams and visions. Few people can actually be aware of what is going on in the country. However, most people focus in more pleasant thoughts, let their live just passing by, and try to enjoy it.

old havana

You can feel that simplicity in the air, like people disconnected from real life. The faces on the street speak for their selves sometimes. For me that is the key when looking for great pictures here in Havana: people. While the rest of the country is priceless in views, landscapes, natural resorts, the main capital is an endless source of feeling, passion and art.

Best shots in Havana

Without hesitation, you have to go to Old Havana and walk in. Do not feel afraid of get lost, is not that big, and people will always be there to help. Walking from the Capitol you can go many ways around: through Paseo del Prado Avenue (last year it was Channel’s favorite catwalk), ending in the seafront. You can go straight away to Obispo Street, a main one in the old town that connects most of the squares, the Cathedral and museums. A personal favorite is Teniente Rey Street, the one starting just in front the Capitol. All these paths are filled with live; a good picture is almost guaranteed. Nevertheless, the real deal is getting a bit far from these main streets and walk into the real Cubans life. Kids playing around, old men selling newspaper and talking about the latest baseball game, housewives hanging out the washing in their balconies, the guy who sells tropical fruit and vegs in a bike or the one fixing the 1950’s car on the street.


You should go of course to places like El Morro Fortress on the bay, to the Cathedral, to the Old Square, to the recently restored Alameda de Paula walk and the magnificent Gran Teatro de la Habana Alicia Alonso (where you can try to buy some tickets to enjoy a ballet session).

But Havana is not only old stuff, the modern part, where trendy nightclubs are and young people love to hang out is called Vedado; just 15 minutes by car from Old Havana. Here you’ll find a different atmosphere, a more eclectic and juvenile one. Also lots of art galleries, pubs, restaurants and places to relax and enjoy live music. Iconic places as National Hotel, 23rd Street or Fabrica de Arte Cubano (this last one highly recommended) are nearby, so give them a bit of your time.


Do not come expecting luxuries or quick response to your needs. Sometimes it can be a bit slower than it should be, yet at the end is part of Cubans nature: be relaxed, have fun and take home unforgettable shots.