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Havana´s best places for a night-out in 2017

Havana´s best places for a night-out in 2017


New year arrived and Havana is getting ready to welcome twelve new exciting months, all over again! After quite a quiet Christmas season, January brings the opportunity to relieve those repressed feelings of party. Believe us when we say Havana has it all (or almost all) for an unforgettable night out.

If there's something you won’t regret during your stay in Havana, or if you are a local one, is music. Music is in their blood: I've heard people saying Cuba is probably the only spot worldwide where you could have to pay musicians not to play. The rhythm is just contagious.
Havana is full of fun; sometimes the key is where to find it properly. Unlike other major cities hotel's animation or discos are not the top ones. Small private business, mostly European stylish bars, quite recently opened (weren't allowed by the government until last few years), are the best options. Is were locals go, is where the real fun waits for you: great music, incredible live performances, cool people, trendy places and really good drinks. Ideal for a group of friends, but if alone, you'll probably find nice people to dance and hang around. All places listed below are the best of their kind, totally safe and secured. We know being far from home or your comfort zone can be a bit challenging; yet you must try it, is the only way you can see the whole picture: we are a lot more than old streets, sunny beaches or revolutionary posters.

Hottest bars for dancing

If you are staying in Old Havana, you have plenty of history and originality around; ideal for great Instagram photos and to actually know Cuban people; but you are also a bit out of the zone in terms of night clubs and bars. But don't worry, barely 15 minutes in a cab and you are in the hot area. Uber neither Lyft are available in Cuba, but just walk in main areas and many cabs will show. The real fun during night are located in Vedado and Miramar town. Those are the favorite haunts of Havana's cool people.

Sarao-bar-havanaSarao's Bar

In Vedado you have the chic Sarao's Bar; recently opened and always offering good vibes and music. Can be full on weekends, but there is always chance to get in; they have live music, also one of the best DJ in town. Other one to go in King Bar, this one is a must for those dancing lovers; the music is always appealing, people sometimes goes when want to just dance and dance, popular known as a gay-friendly bar, but not exclusive, lot say the welcome a very friendly clientele. Then you have Up and Down Bar, for some people a bit cheesy, always ready for party though.

If you go to Miramar in the western side of the city, just few minutes by car from Vedado, you have lot more: Bolabana Bar, another must; is one of the classic in today’s Havana night even when opened since few years ago. Drinks are superb, but the atmosphere is beyond; dancing music is really good, and if you go there get ready to rock.
But if we are talking about classics then we must say that Espacios Bar is always been there; famous for a cool and relaxed environment. Is very popular within millennials and people from university; ideal for a good talk in the terrace, and some dancing inside.
There is one government owned place called Don Cangrejo where cool young people are always prowling around, and they have always live music with top Cuban groups and artists.

Today some good places as Sangri-La Bar or Kpricho bar still closed (these are top and trendy ones), but hopefully is matter of weeks. If you want to go to any of this just ask directions in your hotel front desk or any taxi driver.

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