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Iberostar will be running one of the classics in Havana: Hotel Riviera

Iberostar will be running one of the classics in Havana: Hotel Riviera


Built in 1957, Hotel Riviera is being always one of famous Havana’s landmarks. Many stories can be told and big names of Cuba’s history and culture are linked to the place; it was for many years on the best hotels in Havana. But time has passed and almost run down; but good news arrived. The Spanish hotel chain Iberostar is about to take it over management and a better future is now rising for the current deteriorated hotel.

Iberostar is aware of Cuban tourism high demand these days. They are already running Hotel Parque Central, a superb five-star hotel in Old Havana’s central core, and now are spreading their territory and going after a classical one. The work calendar must go on green light in January 2017, and the goal is to achieve a five-star status and offer all services and amenities regarding the company’s Premium Gold category. Lot of works and funds are needed to reborn the popular Hotel Riviera but when finished this Havana’s gem will be sparkling again.


The new hotel is part of Iberostar’s long term vision of being one of the most important and active partners in Cuban tourism development and reinforces their commitment of having Cuba in their top destinations in the Americas. One of the CEOs America at Iberostar, Enric Noguer, said: “Iberostar Riviera is a historically important property with an outstanding reputation, and represents a major step forward in expanding our presence in Havana and Cuba. Cuba is a tremendously important destination for Iberostar and we remain committed to our objective of offering top quality and highly competitive accommodation options in this country.” But Iberostar is playing hard and is responsible for one of the most awaited openings in Cuba. Also in 2017 the Spanish hotelier is giving born Iberostar Bella Vista Varadero, an 827 rooms hotel placed in one of the best beach lines in the world: Varadero.


Standing on the famous Malecon seafront promenade and built in the style of when it first opened back in 1957, the Hotel Riviera cannot wait to be renovated. When finished, the hotel will feature 352 fully refurnished rooms. The project also includes work on communal areas, and will bring the range of products and services available at the hotel in line with the company’s standards. The hotel will still be home to the legendary Cabaret Copa Room, a large venue for shows and live music and one of the most well-known spots for Havana nightlife. The legendary Hotel Riviera, once owned by a famous mafia gangster (Meyer Lansky), hosted several personalities as diva Jean Fenn, Nat King Cole, Willian Holde and Ava Gardner (by those days there rumors pointing her having dragged a bellhop into her bed).

We’ll keep on track, but is something is for sure is this classic will continue making history, and will bring back some of the splendorous night life in Vedado and that area of Malecon promenade.