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Obama’s legacy in Havana

Obama’s legacy in Havana

Last few days had been quite crazy in Havana. Main streets were floated with police officers, more than a few businesses and offices just stop working, schools and universities didn’t open their doors on Monday or Tuesday. Everyone seems to be waiting for this moment since ever.


It was 88 years ago the last time an American president visited Cuba. Many years had passed since then, and the history it’s been twisted more than you can imagine. Cuba and the U.S relations were “frozen” since 1959, and Cuban people it’s being really skeptical with all the American issues in the island. Both countries have strong connections, more than sharing the same continent. I bet you’ll find hard to meet a Cuban who doesn’t has a relative living in America. The true is Cubans love the U.S., always had and I believe they will always do. More than history, politics, families and friends the Cuban people want to feel and live in the American way. 

Obama’s visit to the island proves that the American government wants to get in contact with Cuba, with its people and costumes. Is Cuba changed after Obama’s visit? Well, the answer is not that easy. Cuba still the same and people still wanting the same things than before; but it is the first time a president talk about democracy and human rights in Cuban soil. You can interpret these facts as you want; but the truth is people are a bit shocked these days.

I want to believe positive social changes will soon arrive in the Caribbean island but the main thing is that the people started believing they can actually change the country and improve their quality life.

There is no other topic on Cuban streets today; Obama and his speech are getting deep inside locals. Some friends (not Cuban friends) are asking how Cuba is reacting. Is too soon to know but I do believe, or at least want to believe, things are going to be better for us, for the real people. Obama seems to inspire Cubans, make them want to work for their country, to see Cuba bloomed. More than political speeches, I think the American president tried to make Cubans believe in their own force and the fact that we have been always a country of hope.

So, at the end, is just wait and let time speaks for itself. In the meantime, 27 degrees are waiting for you is this part of the world! We advise you to book your holidays with time so you won’t miss any important place. Contact us; we are more than pleased to help you: or through our website