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Rollling Stones´s rocked in Havana, but who’s next?

Rollling Stones´s rocked in Havana, but who’s next?


Have you ever dream watching Mick Jagger rocking all night? Well, that’s quite probably. But did you ever dreamt to see him live in the middle of Havana? Believe it or not, the epic rock and roll band did it last Friday and thousands of Cubans lived it as the concert of their life.

Jagger cried while saying: “This is amazing!” The stage was superb; exclusively design for this performance. The total cost round 7 million dollars, and many in Havana’s narrow streets are wondering who paid for it. According to different sources the Brit band paid most of it. The concert wasn’t live broadcasted in Cuban television; local press said they were asked not to, because the exclusive images will be used to make a DVD.

The massive crowd sang every lyric and lived the historic gig in Havana; the environment was so cool: people waited more than 6 hours to listen Jumpin’ Jack Flash, lying down in the ground just to not miss a good spot; young girls where mixed with old gentleman wearing classic rock t-shirts; not only locals where excited to see Mick that night, a lot of foreigners didn’t miss the unforgettable event neither. I met a Canadian couple; they were dreaming to see the Rolling Stones live performance since years. When they heard the Brits will be playing in Cuba couldn’t resist temptation and booked a holiday to the island. They said it was the perfect picture: Old Havana, gorgeous beaches and hearing Satisfaction lyrics from the one and only Mick Jagger. And they were right though!

Since they came out to the stage the music didn’t stop; not a second! Song after song they seemed to be in their early twenties; was impressive the energy of these guys trying to get the crowd connected. Richard Gere was there…also a lot of Cuban musician. David Blanco was standing few meters from me and the joy in his face couldn’t be faked in a hundred years. A small boy, I could say 5 years, was carried by his father the whole concert and shouting “Jagger!” every time he gets a bit closer in the stage. Girls, boys, younger and not so younger became best mates that night at Ciudad Deportiva (the venue stadium).

It’s been a historic concert, a unique one. I don’t know if the biggest performed by a band in Cuba, but no doubt it’s the biggest I’ve been. The huge HD television screens were magnificent, allowing everyone to enjoy the epic moment. The lighting system was just perfectly synchronized and the audio so clear that you may learn a bit of English that night!

Unique concert

Jagger was really friendly with the crowd. He said a couple of Cuban expressions as “Ustedes estan en talla” (meaning You guys rocks!) and people appreciate it a lot. Many of those shouting “Mick!” barely knew a couple of tracks, but they were so into their rock and roll music and the eclectic sound of a guitar that it didn’t actually matter; I can’t recall a crowd like that in a local concert. People felt blessed that day; and they were. There are already rumors around about bands and musicians wanting to come to Havana: names like U2, Steam and Sean Paul are the most heard. Who knows…maybe Cuba is the next Ibiza in the Caribbean. And we'll keep you posted from Havana!

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