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Top places in Central Cuba

Top places in Central Cuba

Placed in the middle of the Caribbean, Cuba as a big picture can be divided in three main regions: Western, Central and Eastern Cuba; each one with their own particular characteristics but all sharing the charisma of their people. Central Cuba is a very special one; not having Havana or Santiago de Cuba don’t make it less exciting. If you are looking for history, stunning ancient villages and wild nature, then you must stop here.

From Santa Clara to Camaguey, Central Cuba hosts magnificent colonial towns as Trinidad. The region is divided between the beautiful mountain range called Sierra del Escambray to the south with its tropical vegetation and sugar plantations. Agricultural plains in the north are quite famous its dairy farming and fruit plantation. Plus the stunning cays in the north side and marvelous white sand beaches in the south.

Trinidad town

I read once Trinidad is the loveliest example of a colonial town in Cuba; it’s probably a true statement. Founded by a Spaniard conqueror as a base for gold mining in the heart of Sierra del Escambray, it was not until the beginnings of 18oo’ that this charming town became one of Cuba’s most important centres for sugar plantation and of course, slaves. History is and beautiful constructions are the core of this town.

Its colourful buildings and colonial mansions will make you fall in love with this land; cobbled streets will make you feel like waliking in the 18 century movie. Today Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a well-deserved honour. Central squares and streets have been restored and local homes have been brightly painted. Music has flourished like nowhere else and seems to govern every street; from musicians who stand up almost anywhere when ther aren’t playing at a bar or in the famous Casa de la Trova. As a plus, on the Trinidad side of the range stands Topes de Collantes. It’s a mountain resort built at the height of Russian influence. It’s worth a curious look and is perfectly situated for long walks.

Cienfuegos City

Did you know Cienfuegos was founded by French immigrants from Bordeaux? Its boulevards have French elegance all around them, and you can note the architect difference with other Spanish founded cities. One of the main attractions is the Jose Marti Park, a wide square with a triumph arch surrounded by palm trees. Also the Palacio Valle shows an extraordinary European influence style; a Moorish palace facing the stunning city bau, nowadays a fine restaurant.

Santa Clara
Founded in 1600’s last decades by citizen of Remedios trying to escape from pirates this city is today one on the main cities in Cuba. The last battle of the Cuban revolution, back in 1958 took place at Santa Clara headed by Che Guevara. Locals fell in love to the revolutionaries and until today remains a very passionate city. If there is something you shouldn’t miss by any chance is the Che Guevara Memorial; the huge bronze statue of the Guerrillero stands heroically above the Museum of the Revolution is a must: a Cuban hallmark.


Founded in the 16th century this wonderful town rises in the road between Santa Clara and Cayo Las Brujas (north coast). Much of the city was destroyed by a fire and nowadays most of the constructions date from 19th century. Nevertheless, his unique neoclassic streets worth a moment to admire; it also has two of the oldest church in the Caribbean. Simply beautiful, this city may stole your heart; not few visitors have return over again to breathe and feel this town spirit.