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What is the weather like in Cuba ?

The climate in Cuba is moderatly subtropical, usually with generally warm temperatures. There are 330 days of sun light during the year. There are two seasons: the rainy season (May to October) and the dry season (November to April). The average air temperature is 25.5°C and the average coastal water temperature is 25°C. The annual average humidity ratio is 78 percent.

Where can I find tourist information about Cuba?

. To promote Cuba as a tourist destination and strengthen its appeal, the country has offices in numerous countries according to where the main tourist Cuban markets lie. These offices represent Cuba before the tourist companies and institutions in the host country. Furthermore, Cuban embassies include the promotion of tourism within their role. In these offices you can obtain all the desired information about Cuba as a travel destination, through brochures, and other promotional media. Cuban Tourist offices abroad include: UK, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, China and Mexico.

Where is Cuba located?

The Cuban archipelago is formed by the Cuban Island - the greatest of the Antilles, the Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth), and around 4195 islets and keys with a surface of 110 992 sq kms. It is located in the Caribbean Sea by the Mexican Gulf at 140 km from the Florida keys, 146 km from Jamaica, and 210 km from Cancun (Mexico).

Is a Visa necessary to travel to Cuba?

All visitors should have a valid passport issued in their name with a validity of six months after the date of your return from Cuba and a corresponding visa (tourist card). . Additionally the Cuban consular offices of the different countries also provide this service.

Is vaccination required?

We always recommend checking with your local authorities to find out their vaccination suggestions when visiting Cuba. As a general rule there are only sanitary restrictions for visitors coming from countries with diseases such as endemic yellow fever and cholera, or that have been declared infectious zones by the World Health Organization (WHO),in this case, the International Vaccination Certificate is required.

Which are the main Cuban destinations and attractions?

Cuba aims to offer the visitor a vast number of different choices in order to make it a comprehensive travel destination.There are many regions, all of them with their own character, each suited to a different kind of traveller. The main destinations are , , , , ,

What is the most appropriate clothing to take to Cuba?

The Cuban climate is hot most of the year so people wear light, airy clothes. During the day informal clothing is mostly worn and at night, light but slightly more elegant. Linen and cotton are highly recommended. When attending, business meetings, dinners, or visits to restaurants or clubs, formal clothes might be required. For our brief winter (December to March) a light jersey is enough, especially when riding air-conditioned buses.

What are Cuban custom regulations?

The Cuban custom authorities allows travelers to enter the country with the necessary personal belongings you would need on any holiday. For up-to-date information please visit:

Can I export an unlimited amount of cigars from Cuba?

When leaving the country, the free export of 50 cigars is allowed, either loose or in containers and there is no need to produce documentation.If travelers want to export more than the amount mentioned (50), they must ask for the official invoice when purchasing their cigars in the corresponding Habanos S.A. shops. The official receipt will be presented to the custom authorities if required. The cigars must be in the original containers, with the official seals (including the new holographic seal). Any excess amount with no proof of purchase can be subject to confiscation. For more information please visit:

Where can I rent a car in Cuba?

. You can rent a car and travel around Cuba; enjoying each and every detail of its natural magic. Additionally SCUK can also arrange private or collective transfers to all tourist destinations within Cuba (including domestic flights).

Is health care available in all Cuban hotels?

More than 95% of hotels ensure primary health care. There are also eight international clinics – in Pinar del Rio, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Cayo Coco, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca and Santiago de Cuba. It is now compulsory that you travel to Cuba with full medical insurance. .

Are there places for hunting and fishing?

SCUK can arrange for different types of fishing packages and also hunting expeditions. Hunting and fishing are standardized by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).As stated, the export of live or dissected species, and goods made out of protected species, is prohibited. The export of goods made from species of flora and fauna is allowed if they are protected by a Certificate of the Management Authority of CITES in Cuba.

Is it possible to take pictures and film freely in Cuba?

You can take pictures and film freely in Cuba, except in restricted areas such as military zones among others.Museums and other places of interest have specific regulations. However if you are planning to go as a reporter you need to apply to the Press Officer at the revelant Cuban embassy for a special Visa.

How can I pay for products and services in Cuba?

All payments and transactions in Cuba will be carried out using the CUC (Cuban convertible currency). Prices of goods and services in all tourist facilities are denominated in CUC (Cuban convertible currency). The current exchange rate of CUC in relation to USD is at 1.08, meaning the CUC has been rated 8% above USD, in other words 1 CUC = 1.08 USD. For tourists who would like to pay by debit or credit cards there is an additional fee of 3% making the transaction 1.1124% higher than the price originally quoted. Credit/debit cards issued by US banks will not be accepted. Generally accepted credit cards are Visa and MasterCard International. You can draw CUC cash with your own card using your own PIN at different ATM’s around Cuba.

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Cuba aims to offer the visitor a vast number of different choices in order to make it a comprehensive travel destination.There are many regions, all of them with their own character, each suited to a different kind of traveller. The main destinations are Havana, Varadero, Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos, Trinidad